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Quantitative Research

5 offices in the key areas of Romania – Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Iasi, Brasov – and a network of interviewers all over the country allow us to successfully cover any data collection requirements for national or local quantitative and qualitative projects.

We perform the data collection:

CAWI -Computer Assisted Web Interview

Utilizing the on line panel developed by our partner within the Daedalus Group – Daedalus NewMediaResearch - we provide an alternative solution to the traditional methods of data collection, for the questionnaires with a maxim length of 30 minutes. The Daedalus on line panel has 55.000 active members in Romania, 9.500 active members in Bulgaria and 8.500 active members in Serbia which are evenly balanced by region and demographics.

CAWI in Venue: CAWI in Central Location

For the marketing research companies that wish to have an increased control and a maximum accuracy we recommend CAWI in Venue. Our beneficiary has the possibility of using his own software CAWI while we recruit respondents in central location. The respondents will complete the questionnaire directly on the CAWI application. Right now we have our own central locations (Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Iasi, Brasov), available any time for type of study.

CAPI - Computer Assisted Personal Interview

Be it in hall tests (product/ concept/ package), ads pre-testing or face to face surveys in central location, we offer the possibility of conducting them in the best conditions. Modern CAPI stations in our locations from Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj and Iasi allow data collection directly on the server. Therefore the timing required for the data processing is much shorter and we are able to have real time in formations regarding all the aspects of data collection. Dedicated interviewers are trained on the proper use of the NIPO software application. A Project Coordinator is personally briefs his team of interviewers before any such project. An interview simulation is the common procedure to avoid any mistakes.

CATI - Computer assisted Telephone Interview.
Eurodata Management has its own CATI division: dedicated staff and modern, ergonomic call center. All telephone interviews are performed by qualified interviewers, carefully recruited and continuously trained and briefed, under the constant supervision of a project assistant. We use Nipo CATI software application, easily recording respondents’ opinions, increasing the control of data accuracy and reducing the length of the interviews.

PAPI - Paper Assisted Personal Interview
When it comes to certain national and local studies or central location studies with specific logistical requirements, we use the printed version of the questionnaire. Dedicated field interviewers are trained how to recruit the respondents and apply the questionnaire so that we obtain accurate data.

We conduct:

Mystery Shopping
Would you like to check the quality of your employees’/ distributors’/ representatives’ activity without their knowledge? Would you like to secretly know what your customers feel, whenever interacting with the people representing your business? Would you prefer phone discussions or visits to targeted locations? Whatever will be the case, attentively trained interviewers strictly follow customer’s scenarios and observation instructions. They promptly note the results of their evaluation, according to customer’s stated standards.

Store Check
The most effective way to collect the latest and most accurate data about products, prices, packages is to visit the targeted locations and record the needed information. You can do that by yourself or you can outsource this time consuming activity to us, using your internal resources for added value tasks.

Eurodata Management has 10 years of expertise in data collection for both business to business and consumer to business research projects.

In -Home Visits
We organize for our partners’ visits to the consumers’ home, in this way they are able to connect directly with their clients
Eurodata Management has an important expertise in data collection for both business to business and consumer to business research projects.

The services

we offer for quantitative research:

  1. questionnaire translation;

  2. sample design;

  3. showing cards design;

  4. script design for CATI, CAPI, CAWI;

  5. fieldwork;

  6. questionnaire validation and coding;

  7. codeframe and coding of open and semi-open questions;

  8. data entry application;

  9. data entry in a controlled environment (dedicated room in our head office) when using PAPI methodology;

  10. checking, cleaning and labeling databases as per customer’s specifications.

  11. codeframe/ verbatim translation;

We deliver:

  1. raw or clean database in SPSS, ASCII, Quantum, Dimensions;

  2. codeframe/ verbatim translated in the language requested by our partner

  3. cross-tabs in the format requested by our partner;

  4. script writing and data base cleaning services.

We have trained our dedicated staff in working with SPSS, Quantum, Access, NIPO,Dimensions. Therefore, we are able to flexibly and professionally work with various databases, offering multiple choices to our customers. Databases can be delivered in different formats, as per our customer’s needs: SPSS, ASCII, Quantum, Dimensions, Excel.
For any other required format of the clean database, kindly please check available options with our specialists from the Data Support Department at e-mail:

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