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Why Eurodata Management?
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Why Eurodata Management?

For us, PEOPLE are the most valuable resource in the company. The team, as well one’s knowledge’s are the mile stone of a successful company. Our full time employees and national network of interviewers stand as a testimony.

What do we offer to our full-time employees?

  • a beautiful beginning to their career: the opportunity to learn what it means to work for a company, to understand the business environment, to understand the meaning of the term “teamwork”, to take their first step in a career and to gain valuable working experience;

  • the chance to professionally grow: regular training, continuous coaching from the experienced colleagues or supervisors, workshops, sharing sessions;

  • choices for their future career: belonging to a well-known group of companies, in continuous expansion and generating career opportunities is an advantage; naturally, we first offer the chance to grow to the people within our organization; it is our special way to thank them for their contribution to company’s development;

  • the chance to be a part of a team: young (average age is 26 years), dynamic, enthusiastic, open, people who know how to perform and to smile the same time, to enjoy life and success;

What do we offer to our project-based employees?

  • flexible working hours;

  • the possibility to accumulate work experience and improve communication skills

  • fast, performance related incomes, limited only by your desire to work

  • the opportunity to become a team member: once you are hired, you will enter your team, where you will have the chance to meet new colleagues, to learn, to be supported, motivated and appreciated by dedicated staff;

  • a challenging job, where you always meet new people; each project is different; each respondent is different;

  • career opportunities in the group: many of our full-time employees have started their activity as one of our interviewers or punchers;

  • the opportunity to be a part of changes: you note consumer’s opinion and we forward them to our customers; together - you and us - we contribute to continuous change in products and services to be closer to the market;

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